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V.J. Beachem is a 6’7” shooting guard or small forward from Fort Wayne. He has attended Harding High School for his first two years but will be attending New Haven next year because Harding is closing. Beachem has arguably been the most consistent player for a talented Eric Gordon All-Stars team that features Basil Smotherman (Purdue), Collin Hartman (Indiana), Devin Davis, Jr. (Indiana) and Zak Irvin to name a few.

Here is what V.J. Beachem had to say about his recruiting process…

IBS: Who do you have offers from or major interest?

V.J. Beachem: “Purdue is the only offer but as far as my list I have Butler, Indiana, Purdue, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Cincinnati, Xavier, Michigan, Michigan State, Georgetown, Tennessee and Florida.”

IBS: Where have you visited so far and where will you be visiting soon?

V.J. Beachem: “We are making a visit up to Michigan State this weekend. Last year I visited Ohio State, Purdue, Indiana, Xavier and Michigan. “

IBS: Are you going to any elite camps?

V.J. Beachem: “I’m going to the Michigan elite camp.”


IBS: Will the proximity of the school play a role in your college decision?

V.J. Beachem: “I wouldn’t say it will factor a lot. I’ve always wanted my parents and family to be able to see me play. So obviously, I would like to be kind of close but I don’t think that will be the number one deciding factor or anything like that.”

IBS: What areas of your game are you trying to improve this spring/summer?

V.J. Beachem: “Right when you called, I was coming out of the weight room. So obviously, I’m trying to get stronger and get better on defense.”

IBS: How much weight have you added so far?

V.J. Beachem: “Since the school season ended, I’ve added about 5 pounds. From the beginning of the high school year, I’ve added about 10 pounds from 170 to 180.”

IBS: How do you think your spring has gone personally?

V.J. Beachem: “I think I had a pretty good spring. Obviously, I could have done some things better but I also think I showcased my skills pretty well.”

IBS: Have you thought about what you might want as your major in college?

V.J. Beachem: “Business management or business marketing.”

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